Population density heatmap of India

Population density heatmap of India - one of a new series of maps by Robert Szucs of Grasshopper Geography

2000 × 2000

‘Chronology of Bihar

  1. Rich and developed Bihar with best universities in the world, a place for intellectual thinking and spiritual awakening —>
  2. Then Islamic invaders burned universities, chased away the scholars and we lost thousands of years worth of knowledge —>
  3. Then the British came and looted all the wealth causing great suffering and famines —>
  4. Then the British forced the farmers into Indigo and Opium cultivation(Secret plan to destroy China) causing loss of quality of soil and the traditional art based industries like handloom, sculpturing etc were destroyed causing loss of skills.
  5. After Independence, a lot of corruption happened due to poverty and illiteracy causing it to grow slowest among all states —>
  6. Now one of the poorest and least developed places.
  7. A story of tragedy after tragedy from being one of the richest and most developed places in the world’–Fdsn