Map showing the voyage of the 'Nippon', the first Japanese aircraft to circumnavigate the world in 1939

Map showing the voyage of the ‘Nippon’, the first Japanese aircraft to circumnavigate the world in 1939

8695 x 6411

‘Wow this is so rich in Information, what local produce/resources are, where war and battle happened, Philippines is sent to be independent from the US in 1945, how many ethically Chinese are there in SEA, how many ethically Japanese in Hawaii, how many Jewish in North America etc. So cool’

1962 map of the Lake Burley Griffin area, Canberra

1962 map of the Lake Burley Griffin area, Canberra

9963 x 3656

‘Awesome map, thanks for sharing. Wonder if the NCA still has any long term plans to add in the Yarralumla bridge and the bridge to the top east of East Basin?

A link from the Kingston foreshore to Piallago might be good if it doesn’t impact wildlife in the wetlands.

edit: Grevillea Park and Molonglo Reach has development potential as well but it is close to the palliative care hostel’

Average annual temperature map of Australasia (1908)

Average annual temperature map of Australasia (1908)

6076 x 4366

‘In 1839 the Colonial Office in England requested that all British colonies set up meteorological stations along their coastlines to improve understanding of the weather, and in doing so reduce deaths at sea. The New South Wales Governor George Gipps quickly organised observatories at Port Macquarie on the north coast on New South Wales, Port Jackson at the southern entrance to Sydney Cove, and at the Flagstaff Hill signal station in Port Phillip (which was part of New South Wales until 1851). This collection of stations was the first organised meteorological network in Australia.

The observatories were reportedly equipped with all the latest recording instruments and devices and the thermometer was kept in consistent conditions. These were not the same conditions that the Bureau of Meteorology have today, but they were a scientific improvement of the ad-hoc processes previously employed and a lot of effort has into understanding and homogenising the records to account for non-climatic influences.

The Bureau of Meteorology was created to consolidate the various meteorological services of Australia’s States which had developed extensive records of their regional weather during the 19th century. After complex negotiations, the Bureau was finally established in Melbourne through the Meteorology Act 1906’

1839 map of Texas

1839 map of Texas

7229 x 8777

‘this is amazing.

having a lot of trouble finding modern borders though. it looks like the southern and eastern borders are mostly the same, right?

where is el paso?

The southern border stops at the Rio Bravo which was apparently what the Rio Grande was called back then, so yes east, southern, and gulf coast borders are mostly the same.

El Paso isn’t on this map, it doesn’t extend far enough to the west (also El Paso didn’t become part of Texas till around 1846)’

Japanese pictorial map of Australia from 1942

Japanese pictorial map of Australia from 1942

2266 x 1621

‘It’s looks interesting, it would be great to see a translation

Here goes (a bit long, but for those who are interested), clockwise on the mainland from Perth:

パース (written top to bottom) - Perth

ポートへドランド (written right to left) - Port Hedland

ブルーム (T to B) - Broome

ダービー (T to B) - Derby

ウィンダム (T to B) - Wyndham

ポートダーウィン (R to L) - Port Darwin

クックタウン (T to B) - Cooktown

タウンスビル (R to L) - Townsville

ブリスベーン (R to L) - Brisbane

ニューカッスル (T to B) - Newcastle

シドニー (T to B) - Sydney

カンベラ (T to B) - Canberra

メルボルン (R to L) - Melbourne

アデレード (R to L) - Adelaide

…and in the middle, オーストラリヤ (R to L) - Australia

Now the ones outside Australia and along the top and right side of the map, dates are written by the month first:

バタビヤ (T to B) - Batavia (capital of the Dutch West Indies, present-day Jakarta)

ジャワ島 (T to B) - Java island

スラバヤ (T to B) - Surabaya

蘭領東印度諸島 (T to B) - Dutch West Indies (cut-off but the last 5 characters are readable)

チモル島 (R to L) - Timor island

ポートモレスビー (R to L) - Port Moresby

ソロモン海戦 8.8 (R to L) - Battle of the Solomon Sea (also known as Battle of Savo Island), August 8th

珊瑚海海戦 5.7~8 (R to L) - Battle of the Coral Sea, May 7th to 8th

珊瑚海 (R to L) - Coral Sea

ニューカレドニヤ島 (T to B) - New Caledonia island

シドニー港襲撃 5.31 (T to B) - Attack on Sydney Harbour, May 31st’