Satellite Map of Mauritania

Satellite Map of Mauritania

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‘do they have border posts in the middle of sahara?..

Yes and no.

So, Mauritania is on the southern side of the Sahara. There is one “road”, in the Western sense, which enters Mauritania from the North - it’s on the coast. This has a border post, customs checks, a little shack selling compulsory vehicle insurance to travellers &c. Once you get out of the minefield, there’s a good surfaced road heading towards Nouadhibou and Nouakchott.

It is possible to enter Mauritania from the North at other points - there are tracks which might be passable by a 4x4 - but it is not easy, and traffic volumes are very low. Mostly smugglers and terrorists and military and “freedom fighters” (these categories can be a bit blurry)’