Japanese pictorial map of Australia from 1942

Japanese pictorial map of Australia from 1942

2266 x 1621

‘It’s looks interesting, it would be great to see a translation

Here goes (a bit long, but for those who are interested), clockwise on the mainland from Perth:

パース (written top to bottom) - Perth

ポートへドランド (written right to left) - Port Hedland

ブルーム (T to B) - Broome

ダービー (T to B) - Derby

ウィンダム (T to B) - Wyndham

ポートダーウィン (R to L) - Port Darwin

クックタウン (T to B) - Cooktown

タウンスビル (R to L) - Townsville

ブリスベーン (R to L) - Brisbane

ニューカッスル (T to B) - Newcastle

シドニー (T to B) - Sydney

カンベラ (T to B) - Canberra

メルボルン (R to L) - Melbourne

アデレード (R to L) - Adelaide

…and in the middle, オーストラリヤ (R to L) - Australia

Now the ones outside Australia and along the top and right side of the map, dates are written by the month first:

バタビヤ (T to B) - Batavia (capital of the Dutch West Indies, present-day Jakarta)

ジャワ島 (T to B) - Java island

スラバヤ (T to B) - Surabaya

蘭領東印度諸島 (T to B) - Dutch West Indies (cut-off but the last 5 characters are readable)

チモル島 (R to L) - Timor island

ポートモレスビー (R to L) - Port Moresby

ソロモン海戦 8.8 (R to L) - Battle of the Solomon Sea (also known as Battle of Savo Island), August 8th

珊瑚海海戦 5.7~8 (R to L) - Battle of the Coral Sea, May 7th to 8th

珊瑚海 (R to L) - Coral Sea

ニューカレドニヤ島 (T to B) - New Caledonia island

シドニー港襲撃 5.31 (T to B) - Attack on Sydney Harbour, May 31st’