Slovenians in Slovenia (1981)

Slovenians in Slovenia (1981)

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‘Ok, I’ll bite:

What on Earth is up with all those areas around Kočevje with either very low percentage of native population, or “No Inhabitants”??

The region around Kočevje was the settlement area of the Gottscheers. They were resettled in WW2 and were not allowed to return so their villages are now mostly overgrown or demolished.

But it seems that many of the populated places there still have a low percentage of Slovenians, despite the Germans being deported. Who was settled in their place?

A few hundreds Germans were not deported and are still living there. The remaining villages there are so small however, that probably just a couple of Germans would significantly change the percentages. As far as I know only a couple of places were repopulated like the town Kocevje.’