Household Firearm Ownership Rate by U.S. State

Household Firearm Ownership Rate by U.S. State

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‘Correlates pretty nicely with the North American bear population maps

Meanwhile in WA state we are going to bring the grizzly back while simultaneously restricting access to firearms. Good times ahead

What on earth are you talking about?

The only restrictions I’ve seen is the new bill that limits magazine size to 10 bullets, and requires a permit & firearm safety class for purchase. As a gun owner who lives in bear country, I have zero problems with any of those things.

And reintroduction of the grizzly is going to be incredibly slow. It’s not even guaranteed to work considering the fact that Washington is getting warmer and warmer. There’s not going to suddenly be Alaska lvls of Grizzlies in Washington. That would take decades, if not centuries.

I think you might be over exaggerating the danger, here’