The history of the world as a series of rivers, starting in 3984 BC and ending c.1830

The history of the world as a series of rivers, starting in 3984 BC and ending c.1830 (in French - produced in 1830)

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‘I wanted to find fault with this but so far I can’t, extremely well done. I’d have perhaps given the Mongols more push over Europe and included India, but I suppose he had to work with the tools of the time … ou can kinda see India if you follow from the Mongols through Chagatai then Temur and his descendents (Mughal dynasty), ending with it saying this area became part of the British empire’

History of Southern Africa

History of Southern Africa

“Why was the sultan of Oman in Zanzibar?”–RaRaRussianTree

“Trade empire, they owned a large part of the east coast of Africa before colonialism reached them. Oman has a very interesting history. They’re also part of the reason why the coast specifically of east Africa is largely Muslim”–lazyboy007

Where libraries shelve history books, by region - Dewey Decimal & Library of Congress comparison

“Dewey Decimal: 940s Europe; 950s Asia; 960s Africa; 970s North America; 980s South America; 990s Oceania, Antarctica, and Outer Space

Library of Congress: DA British Isles; DB Central Alps; DC France; DD Germany; DE Greco-Roman world (not pictured); DF Greece; DG Italy; DH Belgium and Luxembourg; DJ Netherlands; DK Russia, former Soviet states; DL Northern Europe and Scandinavia; DP Spain and Portugal; DQ Switzerland; DR Balkans and Turkey; DS Asia; DT Africa; DU Oceania; E/F Americas”–PeterVexillographer

Europe 1803 on the verge of the War of the Third Coalition and showing population of Great Powers

“The population ratios are really helpful to explaining France’s capacity to project power. Today, Russia has about 2.5 times France’s population; would be more again if you add Ukraine, the Baltics, etc. Turkey has about a quarter more, but if you add all their north African and Middle Eastern holdings, it would be vastly more (Egypt alone is half again France). Germany has about a quarter more. The UK and Italy are about the same as France.

But then? France had more than the UK and Prussia combined, and more than any single polity other than Russia. Which significantly explains why the question of Continental dominance was so much about Franco-Russian relations”–sihtydaernacuoytihsy