Satellite map of Vatican City

Satellite map of Vatican City

1208 x 975

‘How many entrances does the Vatican city have tho

For what I know(I live really close of it) there are at least three car entrance for inner workers, walking entrance from the square and the basilica, walking entrance from the Vatican’s museums and walking entrance (or escape) from the neighboring Castel Sant’Angelo, even though the latter is now in disuse since the castle is Italian state property. So I would think 5, there is also a heliport you can see in the lower left* I don’t know if you want to count that to 6

And a train station’

Greater New York ... metropolis of mankind - by the National Geographic Society [1933]

Greater New York … metropolis of mankind - by the National Geographic Society [1933]

9430 × 7839

‘Kinda shocked me when I learned Hudson county NJ by itself is as large as the population of Seattle.

Wonder how they took this photo back then?

Edit: Surprised me that Hudson isn’t even the largest county by population in Jersey, Bergen is at 932,202 which would put it just under Austin Texas. Certainly doesn’t feel that way though as Bergen feels like many small towns and Hudson one large city (have heard some reports that Hudson county has really terrible census returns leading to undercounts)‘–Sybertron

Satellite image of Nauru

Satellite image of Nauru

“Nauru owns a 52-story skyscraper in Australia that has enough room to house all ~11,000 of it’s citizens”–Geo_OG

“The government squandered the extensive moneys earned through phosphate mining on things like the Nauru House and Nauru Airlines. It’s really a shame because those moneys could have been better invested to provide for Nauru’s citizens, but now it’s nothing but obesity and unemployment”–KCLawDog