Canada's Mountains

Canada’s Mountains

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“And that’s why the roads in British Columbia are a shit show lol. There’s a few highways that just zigzag throughout the interior and the north. Blows my mind when I see how many roads they have in the USA”–Fixitman77

Ethnicities of Manitoba and Saskatchewan, 1901 (produced 1906)

Ethnicities of Manitoba and Saskatchewan, 1901 (produced 1906)

“I wonder if Hungarians are included as Austrians and if Ukrainians are included as Russians due to their inclusion in their respective European empires.

I was surprised to not see any Ukrainians specifically due to the very sizeable minority we have in Canada, especially in the prairie provinces, however they may have migrated later in the century. (Perhaps during Stalin’s regime?)“–ElectroMagnetsYo

Largest ethnicities of Canada

Largest ethnicities of Canada

–“The “Canadian” ethnic identity was added to the census in 1996. Contrary to the oft-repeated myth that it synonymous to being French, many non-French Canadians also choose to list “Canadian” as their ethnicity. It should also be noted that it’s quite rare to only put down Canadian on the form (multiple can be selected)“–abu_doubleu

Largest ethnicities of Canada, without "Canadian"!

Largest ethnicities of Canada, without “Canadian”!

“Not log ago we would have seen Ukrainian and French in a couple parts of Alberta. But there has been a MASSIVE inflow of Mexican and Belize Mennonites to Alberta.

They had great grandparents who briefly passed through Canada generations ago, and have since found a loophole in Canadian citizenship and sponsorship laws. They have been moving to rural Alberta in the tens and tens of thousands over the past 15 years, buying vast swaths of farms, and drastically changing the rural demographics of Alberta”–Norcan987

Canada's hardiness zones

Canada’s hardiness zones

“Yeah, Canada’s climate zones are anything but horizontal.

Not a lot of people outside Canada realize that palm trees will grow very well in cities like Victoria or Vancouver. Although some people in British Columbia like to take it a bit to the extremes. And on the East Coast, because of Nova Scotia’s milder climate, even Halifax is now flirting with palm trees”–Norcan987